My passion for working with the innovators and change-makers of today and tomorrow is what led me to make the leap from corporate executive to an executive-level coach, strategic advisor, and founder of Evoking Insights. I

integrate that passion with my extensive experience as a leader, strategist, coach, and consultant to help leaders and teams take important steps to achieve greater clarity, creativity, and effectiveness. Believing that creativity and innovation flourish when leaders and teams value and leverage diversity, I support leaders in bringing more of their authentic leadership styles into the workforce to enhance results.

I am a certified executive coach of the Hudson Institute of Coaching and well grounded in what it takes to drive global strategies into action and results. With 15 years of senior leadership and a decade-long consulting career under my belt, I have worked extensively with CEOs and board of directors, and led a global team of over 500 employees.  My most recent corporate positions included VP Customer Experience and VP Corporate Strategy, held at Life Technologies (now Thermo Fisher Scientific). I also served as president of a women-led, grassroots organization at Life Technologies and launched the company’s concentrated focus on diversity and inclusion as a key enabler of its innovation-driven growth strategy.


Believing we are in a transformational time for women, leadership and valuing "feminine" capacities as much as "masculine" capacities, I have held board positions with the Healthcare Business Women’s Association and Girls Inc, San Diego.


The heart of Evoking Insights: Karin Blair

President and Founder


For years I accepted the supposed limits of an analytical mind—the stories that said you’re either right-brained or left-brained, but you can’t be both. My mindset, reinforced by a cultural one, stood in the way of developing and expressing my creative capacity. But then something shifted my thinking.

I was in a global leadership meeting listening to a speaker outline the attributes of innovative and creative leaders. One of the five core attributes was the ability to connect seemingly unconnected dots. My mind was blown as I processed the notion that a deep-seated and natural talent of mine is a foundational type of creative thinking of an innovative leader. That fundamental shift in the way I was seeing and interpreting the world opened up a whole new world of possibilities for me.

In 2014, a corporate acquisition provided me the impetus to leave corporate life. Following that departure came a period of self-reflection and the opportunity to deepen my coaching acumen. This gift of time allowed me to become more of the true leader I knew I was. Early in my career, I was working for Price Waterhouse when a partner said to me, “You will become a partner in spite of yourself.” He could see the leader within better than I could. I’ve come to appreciate that leadership is more about mindset than skillset, and that I have the power to rule my stories.

It makes sense, really—in almost all forms of elite performance, we hear references to the critical role of our mind. Watching one of those quintessential underdog football movies with my son, a character said “football is 80% mindset and 40% skillset”!

I created Evoking Insights, because I believe we all can fall victim to the limits of labels and the internal and external stories we attach to them. Through my journey, I’ve realized that I am a creator.


What will yours reveal? Let’s find out.



It starts with a commitment to self-awareness and reflection to understand and be at choice with who you're being while you're leading.  What's your state of heart and mind as you connect, inspire and lead? Are you operating in a state of fear or possibility?  Connection or separation?

Leadership is an inside job

For too long, the edict to not be emotional has been a hindrance. We believe emotions are key drivers of our actions, whether or not we realize it. Our most innovative and inspirational work comes from our emotions. So, rather than striving to be without emotion at work, we strive to build emotional intelligence and resilience so leaders can use their emotions to lead effectively.

Emotions have a role at work

We all see, relate to and make meaning of the world differently.  These perspectives influence our experiences and often are so deeply engrained, we aren't even aware of them. We strive to bring the invisible into view in order to challenge your perspectives

(see differently) and open up new choices and possibilities

(lead differently).

SEE Different | LEAD Different

Perspective creates possibility

drive actions

It's our experience that beliefs

that drive results.

So it seemed important to share a few of our driving beliefs with you:


I know from experience that our minds can be both our captors and our liberators — and that we can choose which prevails.

SEE Different | BE Different

“Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”

Viktor E. Frankl, Man's Search for Meaning

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“It is important to be able, at any moment, to sacrifice what we are for what we could become.”
                                                         ― Charles Du Bos

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