Our Impact

By leveraging our extensive experience with innovative growth companies in biotech / tech and our portfolio of services in leadership coaching and strategy consulting, Evoking Insights has helped hundreds of leaders and teams envision, realize, and sustain their desired change — individually, collectively, strategically — and identify and overcome obstacles from “here to there.”

As a result, our clients experience:

  • The ability to lead more effectively in the most difficult, and often high-stakes scenarios
  • More constructive, creative and meaningful interactions
  • Greater confidence as a transformational leader
  • Greater clarity, focus and intentionality in both how they lead and where they lead
  • The strategic mindset, skills, and behaviors to create lasting transformation
  • Organizational alignment to deliver the envisioned business strategy and results
  • The ability to translate new insight into action and impact 
  • Break through obstacles

Our Clients' Experience

“Karin provided tools and framework that enabled me to take a step back and carefully consider the important and most impactful aspects of my interactions and focus as a CFO. She took an approach to identifying the real issues and distinguishing them from the ‘noise’. Karin made a huge difference to me during my transition."

“ Never having served in a CFO position before, I possessed some insecurities that Karin's coaching helped me overcome. I learned tools during our sessions that enabled more awareness of my behaviors. I learned to listen and influence through emotion (in addition my usual math and logic approach) and I learned to engage others in problem solving."

“ Karin brings a wealth of deep industry knowledge and strategy experience that enriched our discussions regarding strategic choices. She has consistently pushed our thinking by challenging 'sacred cows', and painting a vivid picture of alternatives through examples from multiple industries. Karin is an excellent listener and is able to build on ideas rather than trying to impose her own thinking on others."

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Case Study: Strategy Coaching

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