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Evoking Insights provides premium coaching services at the intersection of strategy and leadership for high-level executives in innovative growth companies in biotechnology and technology industries. Our coaching is designed to facilitate shifts in mindsets, behaviors and/or relationships toward greater individual or team effectiveness

All Evoking Insights coaching engagements include the following phases:



Coaching Packages

Our coaching packages are briefly described below. All services can be customized to achieve the best program for each individual client.

  • Executive Coaching: Gain new perspectives and better results by understanding the unconscious drivers behind behaviors and decisions. The focus is on developing the leader and behavioral change. Read case study > 
  • Strategy Coaching: Gain clarity on your strategic vision and see the best path forward as you stage,  pace and prioritize your strategic initiatives. The focus is on business strategy. Read case study > 
  • Group Coaching: Support a specific area of development (e.g strategic leadership) for a group of high-potential leaders at a company. Read case study > 
  • Team Coaching: Partner in the context of everyday work challenges to gain insights, practice different behaviors, and achieve shared business goals. Read case study > 

Remote and In-Person Coaching

Evoking Insights provides coaching to clients in-personremotely (via video or phone) or, often, a combination of the two.

When feasible (in the San Diego area), coaching takes place in-person in a quiet and private location at the client’s offices. While in-person coaching can accelerate trust-building and a strong working relationship between the client and coach, remote coaching via video can be just as effective. In addition, remote coaching via video can open up greater scheduling flexibility. Remote coaching has the benefit of keeping the coaching relationship confidential.  

Group coaching experiences are typically in person to foster relationship building, connections and a sense of community across the group.  Many discovery and design services (e.g. stakeholder interviews) are completed on-line or via phone for maximum efficiency. 

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