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We facilitate real conversations that help leaders gain strategic clarity and alignment on how they lead and where they lead.

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“It is important to be able, at any moment, to sacrifice what we are for what we could become.”
                                                         ― Charles Du Bos

San Diego, California

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Strategy Facilitation

​The art of strategy lies in the conversations among leaders that are critical to moving strategy to tangible results. Not surprisingly, those conversations can be difficult and clouded, as leaders grapple with opportunities and issues that lie at the intersection of the market environment and the organization.


While diverse perspectives and robust debates are critical ingredients to the alchemy of strategy, they can make people uncomfortable and consequently may be avoided. Or worse yet, the debates are happening from entrenched positions with little to no actual listening or creativity occurring. Skillful facilitation is key to enabling meaningful and constructive conversations that ultimately result in alignment on the best path forward. 


We partner with leadership teams throughout the strategic planning journey to facilitate strategy conversations from start to finish, or at any one point along the way. We’ll help focus your attention, challenge your thinking, and bring clarity and alignment to the key drivers of your future and the strategic filters to guide your daily choices.

How candid are your strategy conversations?
Orienting for real and meaningful change

In our strategy sessions, we help leaders shift their orientation from the day-to-day mindset of running the business to one grounded in changing the business.  Individual accountabilities that drive results are set aside, elevating your perspective to an organization-wide view. This lets the team operate with the mindset of a board of directors, to create a future that’s greater than the sum of the parts.


Much like our approach to executive and team coaching, our strategic planning sessions engage teams in real conversations, with the goals of:


  • Envisioning the future—Who do you need to become as a business? How do you need to evolve in terms of who you serve and how you create value to meet or shape the changing external landscape? What are the most important variables that will shape your future?

  • Rigorously confronting reality—What does the current state of your business look like, in all honesty? We’re often reluctant to admit the hard truths about how things are working today, overestimating the sustainability of our strengths and underestimating the severity of the challenges before us. As a result, we run the risk of comfortably leading the organization right off a cliff.

  • Creating the pathway from here to there—This is the heart of the strategy development process and where leaders earn their keep by making the tough calls that will shape the future of the company. Our perceptions of available options and choices will be influenced by how we frame the “here” and the
    “there.” Only through real conversations where the entire team is focused on achieving a shared vision for the future, versus instigating fruitless debates and turf wars, can you successfully transform the organization.


We understand the risks of well-intentioned approaches to strategy development that become intellectual exercises with no meaningful impact to the future of the business. That’s why we ensure that our sessions result in new decisions, directions, and actions. And that our clients walk away with the courage and tenacity to lead the organization through those changes.