Strategy Coaching

With Evoking Insights strategy coaching, you'll gain clarity on your strategic vision as a biotechnology / technology executive and see the best path forward as you stage, pace and prioritize your strategic initiatives.

The focus of this type of coaching is on business strategy. By engaging a strategy coach, you dedicate time outside the day-to-day of running your business to get clarity and commitment on how to change and grow your company. Our shared focus will be to identify and transform constraints to growth and development, both with respect to the organization and you, its leader.

Different than a strategy consultant who often analyzes data and makes strategic recommendations, a strategy coach is an objective sounding board and thought partner who can help you envision the business change, inspire the change and / or sustain your direction in the face of obstacles and uncertainty.

As with all of our strategy services, Evoking Insights strategy coaching helps leaders gain strategic clarity and turn their strategy into results.

Learn how Evoking Insights strategy coaching has benefited others by reading our case study.


Strategy Coaching Details

  • Format: Individual, highly interactive
  • Duration: Custom, 4 weeks–6 months
  • Schedule: 60 minutes–half-day, frequency individualized
  • Location: Evoking Insights provides coaching to clients in-person, remotely (via video or phone) or, often, a combination of the two. Visit our coaching page for more details.
  • Packages: Our Strategy Coaching packages vary in frequency and duration depending on the needs of the business and leader.

“ For the last five years

I have used Karin as an integral partner in the process of developing the long-term strategy document which informs our operational decisions over a three- to five-year horizon. At every stage in the process, her challenge to sharpen my focus, improve my clarity, and express how value is created has become an essential part of strategy development. The unique value I get from Karin in this process is her supportive objectivity – providing robust and necessary challenge to overly invested thinking, but doing so in a way that helps you get better, grow, and improve the end product. Simply put, Karin’s involvement has significantly improved our strategy development.”

–VP / General Manager

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