Group Coaching

Evoking Insights group coaching supports a specific area of development (e.g strategic leadership) for a group of high-potential leaders at a biotechnology or technology company. In addition to the benefits of 1:1 coaching, a group coaching approach will:

  • Build / strengthen cross-functional relationships through a shared learning experience
  • Enable participants to learn core coaching behaviors to deploy with their own teams through a “learn by doing” experience

As with all of our leadership coaching services, Evoking Insights group coaching is designed to facilitate shifts in mindsets, behaviors and/or relationships toward greater effectiveness.

Learn how Evoking Insights group coaching has benefited others by reading our case study.


The following groups are currently being offered:

  • Resilient Change Leaders: Supports the development of your leaders first to lead themselves and then to effectively guide their teams through change.
  • Strategic Leaders: Develop leaders to think, act, and influence strategically and set a clear direction while navigating through ambiguity and uncertainty.
  • Leading from Within (women leaders): A shared journey to increased clarity, commitment, and courage to lead in alignment with your true leadership identity.

Group Coaching Details

  • Format: Group, highly interactive, in person
  • Duration: 4–6 months
  • Location: Group coaching experiences are typically in person to foster relationship building, connections and a sense of community across the group.  Many discovery and design services (e.g. stakeholder interviews) are completed on-line or via phone for maximum efficiency. 
  • Schedule: 2.5 hours every 2-3 weeks

Each group includes:

  • Individual intake session, optional online assessment (self or 360), and group launch session
  • 6 group coaching sessions
  • 1 group closing session and individual closing session

Past Participant Feedback


  • Great Experience! My boss and I have seen noticeable improvement”
  • “Our coach made sure to push us out of our comfort zone to become stronger leaders” 
  • “In addition to the expected outcomes of learning, practicing, and growing/developing as a change agent, one big impact/gain from the group coaching was my growth as a leader. All of us grew in our ability to coach up/down/across and came out better versions of ourselves as people leaders because of it”

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