Team Coaching

Teams exist to produce results. Our team coaching supports teams in delivering better results by partnering in the context of everyday work challenges to gain insights, practice different behaviors, and achieve shared business goals.

As with all of our leadership coaching services, Evoking Insights team coaching is designed to facilitate shifts in mindsets, behaviors and/or relationships toward greater effectiveness.

Learn how Evoking Insights team coaching has benefited others by reading our case studies.


Team Coaching Details

  • Format: Group, in-person, highly interactive
  • Duration: 5 months
  • Schedule: 1 hour, twice per month
  • Location: Evoking Insights provides coaching to clients in-person, remotely (via video or phone) or, often, a combination of the two as described below. Visit our coaching page for more details.

Team coaching includes:

Discovery (2-4 weeks)

  • Client Contracting and Launch: In-person, as feasible
  • Data Collection and Report (8-10 respondents): In-person, as feasible, or phone-based interviews
  • Feedback and Workshop Design

Kick-off Workshop (2 days)

  • In-person workshop with two consultants

Team Coaching (4 months)

  • Two team sessions per month (60 min)
  • Leader coaching pre / post each team session (1.5 hrs)
  • In-person, as feasible

Debrief and Evaluation (1-hour session)

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