Becoming comfortable with ambiguity and learning to recognize and manage the fear of not knowing is critical to being a transformational leader.

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Recalibrate your inner compass

Achieving the mindset for strategic leadership is no easy task.  In times of stress or perceived risks, especially the risk of losing face or credibility, it’s easy to make choices to increase certainty of short-term performance. But those choices often are at the expense of long-term sustainability for the organization. When faced with uncertainty, it’s also easy to become frozen from action, impeding progress as you seek to eliminate doubt about the path forward.


It takes clarity, conviction, and courage to reframe those perspectives so you can truly be different in how you see and where you lead. Your inner compass is what will help you navigate these choppy waters.  It requires looking inward and being honest with yourself about what may be holding you back. That’s where we come in. 


We’ll engage in a partnership of equals. Our collaborative relationship will drive real conversations meant to challenge your assumptions and perspectives, and expand your thinking. The insights and awareness that result from our experiential learning journey will enable new behaviors.  You’ll put these into repeated practice to foster positive and lasting change that brings new possibilities.

Strategic leadership is more mindset than skillset. Think about it: Your mindset drives your actions, which drive your results. Sounds simple enough. But it can be difficult to recognize when the way we think—the stories we tell ourselves—is what’s standing in our way.


Coaching brings to light the unconscious drivers behind the choices you make and the actions you take. Those insights allow you to shift your mindset and lead from a place of clarity, commitment, and courage.

Is your mindset a roadblock?
The mindset of strategic leaders

There’s no doubt that strategic leadership is not for the faint of heart. It requires effectively leading despite volatility and uncertainty, and constantly making calls that can make or break companies and careers.


Successful strategic leaders have developed the mindset to produce results, when others might have given up prematurely in the face of obstacles and resistance. They see ambiguity as a springboard rather than a moat, unlocking the creativity, curiosity, and resourcefulness needed to direct the organization to a transformational future.

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“It is important to be able, at any moment, to sacrifice what we are for what we could become.”
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