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We shed light on unconscious drivers behind behaviors and decisions to help leaders gain new perspectives that drive better results.



High-performing teams are built on a foundation of trust, using difference as an advantage.  We develop teams to turn strategy into reality. 



A coaching approach to strategy development, we work 1:1 with leaders to identify and transform constraints to growth.



The yin-yang of leadership and strategy

At Evoking Insights, we believe the development and implementation of your business strategy is intimately linked to the development of individual leaders and teams responsible for the business transformation.


 The reason is simple:  The business sets the context of what’s required of its leaders, and the leaders set the direction for the business. Strategic leadership emerges at the intersection of the two. 

Getting from here to there

As leaders, how we interpret and assign meaning to the world around us significantly influences both how we lead and where we lead the business (e.g., the strategic direction). Often, our experiences and biases limit our view— of our current reality and of what’s possible for ourselves as leaders and the businesses we lead. Only when we look at our leadership and strategy together do we uncover the complete story of what may be preventing us from getting from here to there.   

We’ll help you navigate this complex terrain by facilitating real conversations that put everything on the table—real obstacles, real issues, real fears, real motivations. By keeping it real, we ensure leadership and strategic clarity, and facilitate alignment between intentions and actions, so your visions become a reality.   

All of our services are designed to help you see different to lead different . 


We design and facilitate candid conversations throughout the strategic planning journey. Our sessions result in new decisions, directions

and actions.


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We facilitate real conversations that help leaders gain strategic clarity and alignment on how they lead and where they lead.

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“It is important to be able, at any moment, to sacrifice what we are for what we could become.”
                                                         ― Charles Du Bos

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